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Legian is fast gaining a reputation as the surfers paradise thanks to a wide variety of activities to satisfy all visitors and located between the famous surfing Mecca, Kuta, and middle-upper class hangouts, Seminyak, Legian is a recreational place where one can shop, swim or go to a spa.

Since it has fewer crowds and lower tides Legian is just the perfect place to get lazy. If you’re looking for a place to stay with a limited budget, Legian is the perfect option in spite of its strategic location and is perhaps less chaotic than its neighbor Kuta, yet still gives lends a party atmosphere because some of Bali hippest bars and lounges are located in this area.

Legian-BeachLegian Beach gives you more of  beach activities than normal. You can go for a swim, take a surfing lesson, go canoeing in certain months, play beach volleyball or maybe just lie and soak up the sun.

If you have fashionable tastes and have worked your body into great shape, this beach is the perfect place to show how cool you can stay in the summer heat. Grab your latest shades and iPod and stroll along from noon till sundown, ’cause this place is busy with stylish people who want to see and be seen.

Shopaholics love the stores along Legian Road  offering everything from discount clothing to high-end appliances. Alcoholic beverages is extremely cheap in Bintang super market if you are looking to stock up your mini bar  as are fine chocolates and other delicacies.Legian-Beach-02

Already spent your day at the beach? How about your night? No worries, good things are just about to get started. It’s about time to explore some of Bali finest dishes, from saltwater fish-based recipes to spicy rich-tasting cooking; from street side cafés to fine dining establishments. Each restaurant serves unique food in a unique atmosphere so you can suit your mood with your food or vice versa. You can visit Double Six Street for café-type bistros and bars with live music. Let’s start our culinary adventure…

Having its own amazing sunset, Legian also has some of Bali’s favorite bars and clubs. From beach parties to cozy lounges, from scratching turntable beats to live blues, just name it and your driver will deliver you at its front doors. Legian Beach is a hip place to hang out at night; there’s everything here from live music bars to beachside restaurants, from Mexican food to Mediterranean foods.

North Legian area is one of the best place for dining since it is located next from Seminyak area, here you can have some options like if you have very limited budget and want to try Indonesian dishes with local price ,you can go to Legian Pasar Senggol at Jalan Nakula Barat,Legian which open until 23.00 located just about 5 minutes walk from Legian Guest House.


Or if you don’t worry about the price but want to try higher standard of food but not make your pocket empty ,we recommend you to go to this restaurants :

  • Mang Engking Restaurant, familiar with it is Indonesia local fish restaurant located about 3 minutes walk from your bed and breakfast accommodation at located at Jalan Nakula Timur,Legian.
  • Ketupat Restaurant, familiar with Indonesia and western food restaurant located about 3 minutes drive from your bed and breakfast accommodation at Jalan Dewi Sri,Legian.
  • Warung German, traditional German food restaurant with local price located about 3 minutes drive at Jalan Nakula Timur,Legian
  • Take Restaurant, Japanese traditional restaurant open until 23.00 located about 5 minutes drive from your bed and breakfast accommodation at Jalan Patih Jelantik,Legian and you can go here through Jalan Dewi Sri,Legian
  • Bali Nikmat Restaurant, Chinese food restaurant with local price located about 5 minutes drive from your bed and breakfast accommodation at Jalan Imam Bonjol street.
  • Warung Made, legendary since 60’s restaurant with Indonesia and western dishes located about 5 minutes drive from your bed and breakfast accommodation at Jalan Raya Seminyak, Seminyak, don’t miss out their famous NASI CAMPUR
  • Queens Tandoors Restaurant, Indian food restaurant with affordable price menu located about 5 drives at Jalan Raya Seminyak, opposite of Warung Made.
  • Zanzi Bar Restaurant, This restaurant was renovated over a years ago, raising the height of the seating area about 3 feet. They added a glass windscreen and now you get an even better view of the beach and surf. At Zanzibar you can order a Focaccia Toscana and a watermelon juice for 44,000rp. Surf at Legian Beach was good and with the high tide beginners and locals seemed to be having no problem catching small waves.

For a somewhat more civilized evening out, you can have dinner and a couple of drinks at the bar at either TJ’s or KORI in Kuta, at the open street side bar at NERO Bali right opposite AROMAS Restaurant in Kuta, at the re-built MACCARONI CLUB in Kuta, or at the trendy HU’U Bar & Lounge near the Petitenget temple, LA LUCIOLA and THE LIVING ROOM.

If you drive your own vehicle make sure you can drive back safely, otherwise bring some friends because partying in Legian is legion and you can easily get carried away. Legian nightlife is as hip as its day life, have fun, be safe and don’t go too mad.